Customer Service

Customer Service

401(k) Funds

Fee Disclosure

Matrix Trust Bank Fees:
$20.00 Distribution (ACH or Check)
$5.00 Systematic Withdrawals, per withdrawal (ACH or Check)

FBMC Plan Administrator Fees
$85.00 Loan Origination Fee (includes $20 Distribution Fee)
*0.50% Administration Fee / Wrap Fee
**$1.00 Monthly Administration Fee

*Administration Fee/Wrap Fee: The Plan Administrator, FBMC Benefits Management, assesses a fee of .50% which is a percentage of plan assets. This fee is used to pay for Vista 401(k) Plan administration which includes customer service, education, enrollment, compliance, preparation of plan documents, portfolio evaluation and recordkeeping (daily valuation and maintaining participant accounts)

**$1.00 Monthly Administration Fee  (Not applied to participants who are actively contributing)

***Fund Expense Ratio: Each mutual fund assesses a fee, which is a percentage of the total assets they have under management.